Reset your Mind Hypnose en Coaching
The will to improve that is all you need

Reset your Mind Hypnosis and Coaching provides hypnotherapy NLP Coaching. The focus in hypnoses is on working with your subconscious mind. This is not a temporary solution, but it helps you to find solutions that address the core of the problem and thereby achieve permanent change. The NLP techniques that I am using in my coaching is based on my training by Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes. 

 Sessions online are also possible. For more information please contact me via my , email or Whats App.

In coaching people as well as companies I use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques. These are based on what I learned in my training as an NLP coach and the training I am currently following with Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes. A pragmatic approach that goes to the basics of the limited beliefs. An effective approach to self-reflection and creating the right mindset. Acceptance of what is.

Here are some ideas and patterns that are covered in my coaching pathways.

What are our main decisions?
What can I focus on?
What do things mean to me?
What do I need to do to achieve the desired results?
What are our decisions based on?
What are my basic core beliefs and rules?
What are my values?
What are my references?
What are the usual questions we ask ourselves?
Our emotional states that amplify or stop our actions.
What are my beliefs?
Beliefs are our way of generalizing reality. They create a sense of security and we rarely wonder. They are usually based on large numbers of emotionally charged experiences.

Also remember that a "belief" is a nominalization - the process of believing something that turns into an established thing called a belief. The change process we create involves associating pain with beliefs and pleasure with new beliefs, and is part of the techniques of neuroassociative conditioning.
Studies have shown that behaviorism (using positive and negative reinforcements) only works for a limited time. Neuro associative conditioning uses a variable schedule of reinforcement and concepts to create lasting insight.

The use of quality questions is a powerful aspect of the Tony Robbins-Cloe Madanes training. Several questions can create doubts, shift focus, and change what we remove. Another question can also change which sources we notice. For example "why does this always happen to me? Why me?" Very different from "what can I do to change this?"

Certain words we usually use can have a huge impact on our quality of life. By lowering or increasing the intensity of emotionally charged words, we can change our experience and outlook on life.

For example, try saying to yourself, "I am completely furious about this situation" and then "I am a little bit annoyed about this situation" and notice the difference in how it feels. He also believes that you can copy other people's emotional patterns by using their words.

We use metaphors every day. Learning is the process of making new associations. Metaphors can aid in learning by making connections between the known and the unknown.

However, metaphors also contain limiting beliefs, rules and prejudices. The metaphors we use influence the way we see life. Is business like making your way through a jungle or working the world's bounty?

emotion-love Emotions
People deal with emotions in many ways, by avoiding situations, disassociating themselves from them, surrendering to them (feeling sorry for themselves), or using them as an informational message. Our interpretations of meaning trigger our emotions.

Using positive, powerful emotions and emotionally charged words is fundamental to Tony Robbins' work. They underlie the motivation and enthusiasm of his energetic presentations.

Changing values ​​may be an unusual idea for some. By making the process of appreciation a noun, we tend to think of it as something that is part of who we are rather than something we do.

Values ​​are essentially things that are important to us. Tony Robbins works on value generation and change offers many insights into NLP values ​​processes. His idea is to decide what your values ​​should be to fulfill your "compelling destiny"

Having clear values ​​means.

Finding out value conflicts, where one value competes with the other (independence and connection are important values).
Re-evaluate transferred values, you did not choose. Values ​​handed down in childhood by parents and important people.
Creating an exciting future
The fascinating future (or fate) process uses timeline and values ​​in different areas. Making things a priority creates emotional intensity. You can strengthen goals by making commitments and taking action every day.

It is not achieving the goal, but who you become in the process that is important

Hypnosis for losing weight
Have you been overweight for some time? Are you always dieting? Are you binge eating? Do you finally want to feel good again? Then the Virtual Gastric Band or just lose weight under hypnosis might be something for you. In both cases, the goal is to reach your target weight in a healthy, safe and responsible way and to maintain it. In 3 to 5 sessions you will see that YOU can do this too. Furthermore, you will learn self-hypnosis that you can use in your daily life and we work on letting go of those emotions / thoughts that lead you to gain weight.

Hypnosis to gain more confidence
What about your self-image? Do you have low self-confidence? Perhaps you have experienced things in your youth that have led to your self-esteem and confidence not being what you would like. Do you finally want to be proud of who you are again? Are you finally confident again? Then hypnosis may be the right solution for you! By safely going back to where the problem started with your subconscious mind, we can tackle the problem at its core and ensure that you are feeling good from now on, that you can be proud of yourself and yourself in a positive way. way. For more information, please contact me via the contact form, email or telephone.

Hypnosis against Anxiety and Phobias

Do you suffer from fears and / or phobias? Don't you want to be afraid of what scares you now? Do you want to dare to board an airplane or elevator without fear? Do you no longer want to be hindered and controlled in daily life? Within 1-2 sessions, I can help you get rid of your fear and free you from that hindrance that has negatively controlled your life for so long. If you would like to receive more information, please contact me via the contact form, e-mail or telephone.

Hypnosis against Stress

Stress is something we all have to deal with throughout our lives. How you handle it is different for everyone. Do you experience that stress hinders you at work or in your daily life and does it limit you in your actions? Perhaps you already have physical complaints such as neck pain, headache or other stress-related complaints or you are in a burnout. Take matters into your own hands and recharge. With 1-2 sessions we can ensure that your battery is fully charged again, you see everything in perspective and your life will look a lot more pleasant.

Hypnosis when processing Traumas

Are you a victim of trauma? Can't you give this a place and are you struggling to cope with this trauma? Do you still experience the consequences of this, such as physical or psychological complaints? Let me solve your problems together with your subconscious mind so that you feel free again and can get the most out of life. In 2 sessions you can process your trauma and focus on a bright future.

Hypnosis when processing Traumas

Are you a victim of trauma? Can't you give this a place and are you struggling to cope with this trauma? Do you still experience the consequences of this, such as physical or psychological complaints? Let me solve your problems together with your subconscious mind so that you feel free again and can get the most out of life. In 2 sessions you can process your trauma and focus on a bright future.

Apply hypnosis for pain or insomnia

Do you suffer from pain or insomnia? Does this pain or insomnia limit you in your daily life? Then I have good news for you! With 1-2 sessions I can teach you to relieve your pain, and to teach you to apply it at all times through self-hypnosis. Even with insomnia or restlessness, this is an excellent method for a good night's sleep.

Hypnotic-coaching NLP

Are you bothered by the situation at home or at work, then hypnotic-coaching may offer the solution. Hereby I help you to see things in perspective so that you can make good choices and you can go through life stronger and more motivated.

Relaxation therapy

Just relax! Who doesn't want that? In this session you will go to a relaxation level that you have never experienced before. I work here with hypnosis to teach your subconscious mind to apply this relaxation in everyday life. You will notice that you are more balanced and that you sleep better.

All of my sessions will be guided by audio sessions you take home to help you continue to train your subconscious mind. These audio sessions are made during the therapy sessions and will be sent to you by Whats App or email. I will also send tips and tricks that you can use in everyday life.